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COVID-19 Resources for the Community: Health and Well Being


Lane County Health and Human Services

For all the latest updates pertaining to COVID-19 in Lane County, including comprehensive Vaccine Information including Preregistration & Scheduling, all Oregon Health Authority Data, and Risk Level Guidance Chart.

Oregon Health Authority

The Oregon Health Authority is at the forefront of lowering and containing costs, improving quality and increasing access to health care in order to improve the lifelong health of Oregonians. OHA is overseen by the nine-member citizen Oregon Health Policy Board working towards comprehensive health reform in our state.

Lane County Community Call Center

Lane County has set up a call center for non-emergency calls related to COVID-19.  The phone number is 541-682-1380.  You may also email questions to Lane County Public Health at

Community Health Centers of Lane County

The mission of the Community Health Centers of Lane County is to improve the health and wellness of our community through access to affordable, holistic healthcare.

They believe healthy people are the foundation of healthy communities. Each of their clinics provides superior, affordable primary care for the whole family. They offer compassionate care for infants, children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

They focus on integrated care that values the whole person. Their services encompass not only treatment and prevention of illness but also health education, behavioral health services, children’s preventative dental service and outreach. Contact their main number 541-682-3550 for assistance.

White Bird Medical Clinic

White Bird Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center that receives funds from the HRSA Health Center Program to provide primary care services in underserved areas. They operate a:

Medical Clinic out of their office at 1400 Mill Street,
Dental Clinic at their office at 1415 Pearl Street,
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program at their office at 350 E. 11th,
Counseling and Crisis intervention services from their office at 990 W. 7th Ave,
Front Rooms, Counseling and Navigation Services at 341 E. 12th Avenue and at 323 E. 12th Ave, and
a Mobile Crisis intervention program for Eugene and Springfield.

Their priority is to serve people who are unserved, underinsured, disabled and/or homeless.

Contact their main office at 541-342-8255 or (they do not provide crisis services by email).

Volunteers in Medicine Clinics of Lane County

Volunteers In Medicine is a primary care medical clinic for low-income, underserved adults and their households in Lane County who can’t afford health care coverage. Even with the Affordable Care Act, many individuals lack the financial means to pay for high deductibles, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Services include primary health care, women’s health care, behavioral health care, diabetes management, onsite pharmacy and physical therapy.

Please call 541-685-1800 to talk to a Screener about eligibility. Eligibility is based on an individual’s GROSS household monthly income and their liquid resources. 

Willamette Family Treatment Services

The mission of Willamette Family, Inc. is to provide readily accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse/addiction care for men, women, youth, and families in an atmosphere that promotes compassion, healing, respect and well-being for all.

Willamette Family’s Sobering Services and Medical Detoxification Services are provided by  Buckley at 541-762-4575.

The Men’s and Women's Residential Treatment Programs are provided by the Rapid Access Center at 541-762-4300.

Outpatient and Day Treatment services are provided by the Rapid Access Center at 541-762-4306.

CAHOOTS Mobile Crisis

CAHOOTS is dispatched 24/7 in Eugene through the police-fire-ambulance communications center, 541-682-5111 and within the Springfield urban growth boundary through the non-emergency number, 541-726-3714.<

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care, and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. With or without insurance, you can always go to them for your health care.  1-800-230-PLAN.

Mental Health

Hourglass Community Crisis Center Program

Hourglass Community Crisis Center serves adults residing in Lane County who are in need of short-term, mental health crisis assessment and stabilization, but do not require the medical capabilities of an acute care hospital or longer-term residential care. Hourglass Community Crisis Center welcomes individuals to walk in when they need it, or they can be referred by local law enforcement and other community partners due to a mental health crisis.  Located at 71 Centennial Loop, Suite A, Eugene, OR 97401 and 541-505-8426.​

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI Lane County is dedicated to the SUPPORT, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY of persons concerned with mental health.  A newsletter is published several times a year, twice-monthly support and education meetings provide information and an opportunity to share ways of coping, and special educational meetings and workshops offer specific information on topics such as mental health services, treatment methods, research, rehabilitation, and legislation.  They are located at 2411 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Eugene OR 97401 and 541-343-7688.

Women's Space

Womenspace continues to provide services to victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Access to these services is through their expanded 24-hour crisis and support line. Spanish and English-speaking advocates are available day and night. They are providing safety planning, emergency services, mobile advocacy, telecommunication options, counseling services, legal advocacy, financial assistance, referrals and access to other resources.

24 hour crisis and support line expanded to include both Spanish and English.  Small emergency response team for safe housing and DCA mobile advocacy.  Business: 541-485-8232  Crisis hotline: 541-485-6513 or 1-800-281-2800.

The 15th Night

The 15th Night is a youth-informed community movement to end youth homelessness by connecting existing resources and finding innovative ways to keep kids in school and off the streets.  Resources and services include rapid access to clothing/shoes, personal care products, backpacks, food, counseling, mentors/peer support, application assistance, and library cards.  If you need help or are working with a youth who needs help, call or text 541-246-4046.

Direction Service

Their Counseling Center provides the full range of mental health services to very young children, children and adolescents, families, and adults of all ages.

The Counseling Center specializes in providing service to clients experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and childhood impulse and behavioral disorders. Personnel are particularly adept at providing services to clients and families who experience developmental disabilities in combination with mental and emotional disorders.  

Their administrative office is located at 1144 Gateway Loop, Suite 200 Springfield, OR 97477 and 541-686-5060.

University of Oregon Child and Family Center

The Child and Family Center at the University of Oregon is offering free telehealth services for families with children ages 2-17. The clinic will use the Family Check-Up Online, an evidenced-based program to support parents, children, and teens. The intervention addresses common parenting and childhood behavioral and emotional problems. The FCU provides customized feedback specific to each family’s unique concerns and is adapted based on family need.

Please call the clinic at 541-346-4910 to schedule your appointment today! You will be assigned to a therapist who will contact you and set you up with the online materials.  *A computer and access to the internet is required to use this program*

Sexual Assault Support Services Crisis Center (SASS)

SASS is a non-profit organization providing outreach, advocacy and support to survivors of sexual violence and their partners, families and friends throughout Eugene-Springfield and the rest of Lane County.

The mission of Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) is to provide services to survivors of past and present sexual violence; and to change societal conditions that allow oppression, especially sexual violence, to exist. SASS creates social change by supporting survivors, and through prevention education, community collaboration, organizing, and outreach.  Crisis hotline support 24/7 is available at 541-343-7277 / 844-404-7700.

Senior Loneliness Line

The Senior Loneliness Line is a statewide partnership between Lines for Life and Oregon Health Authority.

Their free statewide call service is for Oregonians 55 and older. Their team of volunteers and staff are specially trained in working with older adults, and can provide ongoing support, connect you with resources or just listen. Your information is completely confidential and no one will follow up with you unless you request a call.

Any aging adult who is experiencing loneliness, isolation, depression or anxiety can benefit from a confidential phone call with our Senior Loneliness specialists. Sometimes knowing there is someone who cares and wants to listen can be of great help.  Please call them at: 503-200-1633 or 800-282-7035

Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the United States, anytime. Crisis Text Line is here for any crisis. A live, trained Crisis Counselor receives the text and responds, all from our secure online platform. The volunteer Crisis Counselor will help you move from a hot moment to a cool moment.

Privacy and Online Security

Avoid Scams

  • Don’t respond to texts, emails or calls about checks from the government or anyone else.
  • Ignore online offers for vaccinations. There are no products proven to treat or prevent COVID-19 at this time.
  • Be wary of ads for test kits. The FDA just announced approval for one home test kit, which requires a doctor’s order. But most test kits being advertised have not been approved by the FDA, and aren’t necessarily accurate.
  • Hang up on robocalls. Scammers are using illegal robocalls to pitch everything from low-priced health insurance to work-at-home schemes.
  • Watch for emails claiming to be from the CDC or WHO. Use sites like and to get the latest information. And don’t click on links from sources you don’t know.
  • Do your homework when it comes to donations. Never donate in cash, by gift card, or by wiring money.

For more detailed information about scams, see the Federal Trade Commission's website for advice for consumers.