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Printing is as easy as 1,2,3

Remote Print

Each visit, the first 10 pages of Black and White printing are free.  Additional Black and White pages are 15 cents each. Color copies are 50 cents each (no free color pages).

Welcome to our Remote Printing service. Print documents straight from your device or home computer and come to the library during our open hours or curbside pickup times to collect them.

You must have access to a valid email address to use this service

  1. Send the document to the library printer via one of these two options:
  2. You will receive your 6-digit Release Code immediately using the Uploading a File Option and in your inbox  if you use the Forwarding Email option - this may take between five minutes and an hour to be received.
  3. Come to the library during our open hours, give us the Release Code, and receive your pages.

Files will be stored on the cloud for 48 hours before being deleted so please ensure you have picked up your print job before then.

Items to be printed must either be a separate document or the text of an email. We are unable to print from a link within an email.   Springfield Public Library is not able to retrieve documents or trouble-shoot remote printing via PrinterOn, an independent vendor.


If your document is DOWNLOADED/SAVED to your device (phone, laptop, household computer):

On our printing service page:

  • In the Printer Box select Black and White or Color;
  • In the User Info Box enter your email address;
  • In the Select Document Box select Browse. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can find your downloaded file.  Select it (single-click) and then click Open;
  • Click the large gray PLAY button;
  • A new page will appear - select your number of copies and ALL Pages or select just the pages you want printed;
  • Click the large gray PLAY button;
  • To approve the print job click the large green PRINT button;
  • When your request has been processed (may take a few seconds)  you will be given a six figure Release Code (NOT the 9 digit Job Reference #);
  • Record this code and bring it with you to the library during pick up times to collect your print job.


This option will print: All attachments (files, images etc.) on the Forwarded email, as well as the email text itself. When contacting staff with your Release Code, please let them know which items you want printed and which discarded.

Black and White Printing:


It may take between five minutes and an hour to receive the Release Code via email.

How to use our Remote Printing