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Events: Springstitch

Springstitch: A Crafting Program for Crafty Adults


Coming this month, Bag #2: Flower-tastic Crafts! Sign up for the email list to get a reminder that registration begins on April 12th. Bags will be available for pickup starting April 21st!

Springstitch To Go

If you're looking for inspiration for your next crafting project, our Springstitch program is just for you. All our crafts require no prior experience and cover a variety of projects, often using recycled and low cost materials. During this time, when we can’t enjoy working together, Springstitch to Go materials are available through our curbside service to use at home.

Past Springstitch Crafts

Springstitch Bookmarks
Springstitch Wrapping Paper
Springstitch Valentines Cards
Springstitch  Dia Altars
Springstitch Book

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