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Events: 2023-2024 Bookmark Contest

2023 - 2024 SPL Bookmark Contest

Congratulations Winners of the 2023-2024 Bookmark Contest!

The Springfield Public Library has selected sixteen young artists as the winners of the 2023-2024 Children’s Bookmark Contest.  The winners were congratulated by Council President Joe Pishioneri at the regular City Council Meeting on Monday, February 5. 

The Springfield Public Library has held a bookmark contest for 43 years. Over 1100 students entered the contest this year, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, creating art around the themes of books, libraries, or the 2024 Summer Reading theme, “Read. Renew, Repeat”. Oversize versions of the winning designs are on display at the library until next year’s contest, and schools with winning students also received large bookmarks to display. The winning bookmarks are professionally printed and available in the library. All of the 1100+ submissions will be on display in the Youth Gallery in City Hall during the month of March, courtesy of the Springfield Arts Commission who also support the contest.

The contest for the 2024-2025 school year will open after Thanksgiving this November.

This year’s winners are:
Elementary School:

  • Aria Pech, Kindergarten, Two Rivers - Dos Ríos Elementary
  • Izzy Breslow, Kindergarten, Two Rivers- Dos Ríos Elementary
  • Graylin Smith, First Grade, Walterville Elementary
  • Jesus Florez-Ortiz, First Grade, Two Rivers- Dos Ríos Elementary
  • Rowan Robinson, Second Grade, Maple Elementary
  • Nathan Olszyk, Second Grade, Maple Elementary
  • Luke Jordan, Third Grade, Yolanda Elementary
  • Charley Gristak, Third Grade, Homeschool
  • Colton Jones, Fourth Grade, Ridgeview Elementary
  • Jenny Kurtz, Fourth Grade. Two Rivers- Dos Ríos Elementary
  • Mia Daniele, Fifth Grade, Mt. Vernon Elementary
  • Ava Dixon, Fifth Grade, Thurston Elementary

Middle School:

  • Peri Knapp, Sixth Grade, Agnes Stewart Middle School
  • Izabelle Nayeli Juarez Humphrey, Sixth Grade, Briggs Middle School

High School:

  • Audrey Bowman, Ninth Grade, Springfield High School
  • Waimea Welsh, Ninth Grade, A3 Academy of Arts and Academics