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Events: Springfield A to Z Art Contest and Alphabet Book

Springfield A to Z Alphabet Book

We're Making a Book

We're so pleased with all of the content for our alphabet book. At this time, we're hard at work behind the scenes writing, researching, editing, and working with a local vanity press to create our Springfield A to Z Alphabet Book. Stay tuned on our socials for updates and sneak-peeks!

Art Contest Winners

Aleman, Pablo

Almarri, Aliyah

Asumendi, Tiffany

Brown, Henry

Brown, Melanie

Bull, Audrey

Bull, Micah

Burkett, D. Brent

Chamberlin, Regan

Cornejo Rosales Murray, John Douglas

Cornejo Rosales, Janeece

Cox, Payton

Cupples, Dean

Daniele, Mia

Deal, Molly

Dodson, Dorothy

Emmott-Curé, Roz

England, Megan

Green, Macey

Horton, Michelle

Jewell, Zoey

Laederich, Jennifer

LaFleur, Amelia

LaFleur, Celisse

Lovern, Jodie

Marksbury, Chloё

Marksbury, Hannah

Martin, Krista

Matthews, Curtis

Matthews, Eleanor

Matthews, Phaedra

McNulty, AJ

McPheeters-Geeting, Crystal

McPheeters-Getting, A

Moody, Elrik

Moran, Violet

Nyamute, Lois

Orcutt, Teresa

Robinson, Candra

Robinson, Rowan

Rush, Hadley

Schindele, Linda

Seemayer, Lucas

Seemayer, Shelley 

Seifert, Taffy

Springer, Kristina

Wells, Kayla

Woods, Cecilia

Woods, Fracesca

Woods, Vivienne

Worley, Douglas

Important Dates

  • May 1, 2021
    Springfield A to Z Art Contest officially begins. Submission are open. 
  • July 31, 2021
    All entries due by 4:00pm. 
  • August 21, 2021
    Extended deadline for letters O and U entries. 
  • August 31, 2021
    Winners/Artwork selected for the Springfield A to Z Alphabet Book announced. 
  • Fall 2021 - Winter 2022
    Springfield Public Library and Springfield History Museum develop the Springfield A to Z Alphabet Book with local publisher. 
  • Spring 2022
    Springfield A to Z Alphabet Book publication (subject to change). 
  • Spring - Summer 2022
    Winners receive their copies of the Springfield A to Z Alphabet Book and the book is available for purchase.