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Using Your Library: Library Remodel

Learn more about all the the library has to offer: library cards, electronic resources, programs, computer use, building use and more. Also learn how to support your library as a volunteer or through the Friends, Foundation or Library Board.

A Look at the Library Remodel

2024 Library Remodel

Work is in progress

With funding designated from the America Recovery Plan Act, the library identified the following projects to improve our community's library experience. Work began in March 2024.

  • Kids & Tween area -- In Progress
    • Increase shelving space to accommodate growing children’s materials collection.
    • Relocate preschool materials and play areas to facilitate browsing and reduce noise in the library’s general areas.
    • Create inviting spaces for families with young children to gather, interact and build community.
    • This area was closed one day on 6/5/24 to shift shelving and prepare for new shelving installation. 
      • We moved the graphic novels to a new spot nearer the window corner.
      • We changed the direction of our picture books shelving for better accessibility and flow.
    • New shelving delivered and arranged on Friday, 6/7/24.
  • Library entry -- Coming Soon
    • Enhances visibility for library staff at the circulation desk, ensuring heightened safety for both staff and patrons.
    • Expand the sale and donation sorting area for the Friends of the Library and History Museum.
  • Collections -- In Progress
    • Relocate areas of the library to improve accessibility.
    • The teen and media collections.
  • More meeting rooms -- In Progress
    • Address conference room limitations by introducing three smaller meeting/study rooms.
    • Also providing a spacious meeting area for City Staff and committees, accommodating a range of activities efficiently.
  • Teen Area -- Coming Soon
    • Create an improved space dedicated to teens, fostering focused study sessions and social opportunities.
  • Staff work area -- In Progress
    • Provides staff meeting space for group collaboration and project work, without impacting the availability of public meeting rooms.
    • Provides private office space for management to confer with their staff.
    • Expands library operations through a redesigned staff work room, facilitating smoother inventory flow, and providing expanded office spaces, uplifting overall productivity and staff morale.


Current construction

Updated: June 8, 2024

  • Kids & Tweens area
    • Shelving in our Easy/Picture books area is rearranged for easier access. We love it and hope you do to!
    • Some collections have moved to their new location:
      • JR Graphic Novels are in a new spot nearer the window corner.
      • I Can Read books are now along the walls surrounding the Easy/Picture books area.
      • New books have spread out along shelving to your right as you enter the Kids & Tweens area.
    • The "Short cut" connecting this area with the teen area is walled off.
    • The old service desk was removed and a new service desk is placed in temporary location.
  • Collections
    • Relocated the "Recent returns" area to permanent location.
    • Temporarily moved Large Print and Adult Fiction; collections are still accessible.
  • Meeting rooms
    • Rooms are framed and waiting for doors and electrical work.
    • Only the 2-person study room is available for public use during the remodel.
  • Staff work area
    • Part of library staff relocated to temporary work area.