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ILLUMINATION 2023-24: Jasmin Savoy Brown

Illumination Annual Story and Public History Project

Jasmin Savoy Brown

Photo credit: Arturo Benavides

Jasmin’s story was an exciting addition to our curation because not only is she a Springfield native, but she also has become a relatively well-known actress. Her rise to fame is notable because she comes from our small city and is part of the minority population. Jasmin is the very embodiment of the needle in a haystack. Her story is inspirational and speaks to how Springfield nourishes its youth and the arts as a community. 

“I'm an actress who's done quite a good amount of film and TV, very successful projects. I also do theater. I'm a musician partly, and thanks to you (the interviewer) and your inspiration and encouragement when I was younger. That's taken a bit of a back burner because I've been happy to be a working actor. So now I have more time to work on music. So I'm sitting down with my guitar more often…”

* * *

"I was an artist from birth. Like, I never… There was never a question that I was going to pursue the arts and Springfield High School for all that it is, really supported me in that. I will say I think one of the best things about Springfield High School is that the teachers. The during the school teachers, the after-school teachers… It seems to me that like this is a group of adults that really cares like really cares about the community, really cares about the students, really cares about the students of color. And in every class. I remember that every single class, whether it was English or history or science, seeing teachers really try to get through to their students. But beyond that, like see them, see the students who really were passionate about the thing and then give them extra attention. And I was no exception."