Who We Are

The Springfield Public Library Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) volunteer organization, dedicated to improving library service in Springfield by helping secure the financial resources needed to provide and sustain a vital community service, our Library.

  Foundation President Mary Bridget Smith

Why Give

Our Library plays a critical role in englightening and enriching the lives of Springfield citizens. It is used extensively by all ages from babies to grandparents, teens to octogenarians. It is a place to find essential information and affordable family entertainment from books to e-books to music and movies and beyond. It is a valuable asset to our community that deserves and needs our support.

How You Can Help

Any Foundation member would be happy to describe to you the varied ways in which you can join us in supporting our Library. Whether it is through a direct donation, a planned giving program, or a memorial gift, you are helping improve the current level of services and secure the future for generations of Springfield Library users to come.


What We Have Accomplished

In the past four years the Foundation’s efforts have yielded the following results:

  • Matching funds for Gates internet enhancement grant
  • Funding for "Arts, Culture & Education" adult program series
  • Increased funding for youth programs
  • Restored funding for our magazine and newspapers
  • Funding for early literacy outreach to Springfield's children
  • Funding to replace children's science, math, and technology collection
  • Dedicated funds for a new library for Springfield


To Make a Donation or Find Out More

Springfield Public Library Foundation

PO Box 1763

Springfield, OR  97477

Tax ID # 93-1325725

Rob Everett, Library Director

(541) 726-3756


2014 Board of Directors

Mary Bridget Smith - President
Onalee Carson - Secretary

Nathan Bell - Treasurer

Kathy Howard – Friends of the Library

Rob Everett - Library Director

Debbie Steinman - Library Staff

Jody Anderson - Member-At-Large

Elaine Bails - Member-At-Large

Anne Ballew - Member-At-Large

Pam Caples – Member-At-Large

Kayla Hinds - Member-At-Large

Molly Markarian - Member-At-Large

Teena Seckler – Member-At-Large


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